Glorious first day at school feeling

We’re studying Surface Pattern Design, and I am seeing it everywhere.  It’s on the pavements, in flowers, in the clouds and definitely all over the shops in every conceivable colour and design, good and bad.  In fact, with all the items that can potentially be covered in pattern, I can’t believe that I am not already gainfully employed in this industry.  However, the thing that I am obsessing about even more than becoming a Surface Pattern Designer is…..


I have always been a bit compulsive about the gear that goes with a hobby.  I have wool from a knitting phase.  I have so many books about patchworking, mixed media, amigurami or whichever craft has caught my eye.  Paints and brushes galore.  I recently discovered Copic Pens – £3 a go, and now whenever I am in town, I am curiously drawn to the Art Shop, where I hang about for much longer than is decent deciding which exact shade and how many I can feasibly buy in one go without arousing my husband’s suspicions.

So, imagine my delight after years of using Faber Castell Artist Pens, when Rachel Taylor, our glorious leader in pattern heaven shared with us that she uses Staedtler Lumocolor, or Pentel pens, or Unipin fine line.  Oh still my beating heart, I HAVE to try them all.

They glide, they swish, they make me briefly feel like a true Surface Pattern Designer, and I can report with absolute conviction that my runaway favourite is……..the Unipin…until something new to try comes along, of course.  Oh, and did I mention the sketchbooks!  😉

The shock of finding another You!

Now ‘Bryan’, in my experience, isn’t a particularly common name! Lots of Bryant’s and O’Brien’s but not too many Bryan’s!  I was originally a Sutton before I married a Bryan 16 years ago this May!  I was a secondary school teacher for many many many years before I gave it up to become a full time mum!  Now don’t get me wrong as I adore my children but being a stop at home mum really wasn’t for me, I knitted, sewed, baked, drew, gardened and painted things, anything really to quench my desire to be creative!  I had lost my identity as a person and was rapidly becoming the mum of, instead of Emma Bryan.  So I did a dip pen calligraphy course which was lovely but somehow not enough. Based on the fabulous things that I learnt from that I decided to set up a small Cheshire Stationery business 7 years ago which has grown organically but is now doing well.  Hattie Boo Designs was born!  Not as it is today but at first we knitted scarves and baby hats, booties, made Fairy Bears, Lavender Fairies and Tooth Fairy Pillows and of course very hand made greetings cards.  Today the business is very much print and bespoke designs, letterpress, foiling and lovely watercolour designs…but more about that later!


Anyway – always keen to learn more I found Rachel Taylor’s Surface Pattern Design course on Twitter and decided on a whim that I would quite like to learn more and whipped out my credit card to subscribe!  Imagine my shock when on the very first day I was already on the course and ready a post posted by Emma Bryan!


There is really something quite wonderful to find someone out of the blue, through a chance meeting on a randomly chosen course that you have a huge amount in common with!  If I am really honest, my initial reaction was that I didn’t really like the idea of another me!  However, after ONE email to Emma Bryan I was not only ok with it but I felt like I had found a friend or a doppleganger, almost an ally or long lost relation.


To discover out of the blue that another Emma Bryan was out there, sitting at her computer, waiting for the course to begin, pen and paintbrush in hand, sewing machine at the ready was ACE!!!!  I have someone to share my thoughts and ideas about the course with, I hope that we can swop motifs and see what we do with them and well… you will have to follow this and find out!

A funny thing happened on the way to the e-course …..

I have been Emma Bryan for 15 years.  I’ve never thought much about it actually.  It’s quite a nice name, not the one I was born with, which was Lutz – far more interesting in origin, but also problematic having to spell it out every time or when my school friends rhymed it with Nuts.  So in some ways, I was pleased to say goodbye to it.  

Imagine my surprise upon signing up to Rachel Taylor’s Surface Pattern Design course, to discover that I AM NOT ALONE!  By which I mean, I’m not the only one. – there is another Emma Bryan.  Of all the courses, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.  So I set about finding out who this “twin” is, and although we live at opposite ends of the country, and our star signs are different, it does indeed seem that by virtue of similar names, we have EVER so much in common. And now, a shared blog, which we intend to be an homage to pattern, which we both love, but I suspect may veer off suddenly in other directions when it takes our fancy.  So do join us here when you can. We will be sharing our journey into pattern heaven….  I wonder if you will guess which Emma is which!

Hello world!

Emma, is that you?  Hello, hello, are you there?  It’s me, Emma!

And yes, It’s me too, the other Emma!  Now for anyone who is just about to read this, please bear with us as I am new to Blogging and I’m not sure how experienced the other Emma is at blogging so we may get it a bit wrong at first!

This blog is from a chance meeting, well, we haven’t actually met each other yet! I did say you may have to bear with us, in more ways than one!  To begin at the beginnning (a good place to start!) we both signed up for an online course.  I heard about it on Twitter and couldn’t wait to get creative!

Em…do you want to take over for a bit (Do you think we should write in different colours?)