A funny thing happened on the way to the e-course …..

I have been Emma Bryan for 15 years.  I’ve never thought much about it actually.  It’s quite a nice name, not the one I was born with, which was Lutz – far more interesting in origin, but also problematic having to spell it out every time or when my school friends rhymed it with Nuts.  So in some ways, I was pleased to say goodbye to it.  

Imagine my surprise upon signing up to Rachel Taylor’s Surface Pattern Design course, to discover that I AM NOT ALONE!  By which I mean, I’m not the only one. – there is another Emma Bryan.  Of all the courses, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.  So I set about finding out who this “twin” is, and although we live at opposite ends of the country, and our star signs are different, it does indeed seem that by virtue of similar names, we have EVER so much in common. And now, a shared blog, which we intend to be an homage to pattern, which we both love, but I suspect may veer off suddenly in other directions when it takes our fancy.  So do join us here when you can. We will be sharing our journey into pattern heaven….  I wonder if you will guess which Emma is which!

One thought on “A funny thing happened on the way to the e-course …..

  1. Now i’m really confused ….as i’m reading these blogs backwards … come to think of it …i read magazines the same style… back to front…..I think i know who’s who already.. this Emma is Emma …and the other Emma is Emma too. Maybe not!!

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