Glorious first day at school feeling

We’re studying Surface Pattern Design, and I am seeing it everywhere.  It’s on the pavements, in flowers, in the clouds and definitely all over the shops in every conceivable colour and design, good and bad.  In fact, with all the items that can potentially be covered in pattern, I can’t believe that I am not already gainfully employed in this industry.  However, the thing that I am obsessing about even more than becoming a Surface Pattern Designer is…..


I have always been a bit compulsive about the gear that goes with a hobby.  I have wool from a knitting phase.  I have so many books about patchworking, mixed media, amigurami or whichever craft has caught my eye.  Paints and brushes galore.  I recently discovered Copic Pens – £3 a go, and now whenever I am in town, I am curiously drawn to the Art Shop, where I hang about for much longer than is decent deciding which exact shade and how many I can feasibly buy in one go without arousing my husband’s suspicions.

So, imagine my delight after years of using Faber Castell Artist Pens, when Rachel Taylor, our glorious leader in pattern heaven shared with us that she uses Staedtler Lumocolor, or Pentel pens, or Unipin fine line.  Oh still my beating heart, I HAVE to try them all.

They glide, they swish, they make me briefly feel like a true Surface Pattern Designer, and I can report with absolute conviction that my runaway favourite is……..the Unipin…until something new to try comes along, of course.  Oh, and did I mention the sketchbooks!  😉


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