What we do and where we do it!

I really do love what I do!

I am sure that my brides or my daughters would back me up on this!  And equally important is the fact that I love WHERE I do it!  On our Surface Pattern Design Course in yesterday’s tutorial we saw a glimpse into Rachel Taylor’s design studio and we are being encouraged to share our own spaces!

Before I share my space with the Surface Pattern design group I thought I’d share it on our blog first!  Now, be warned I like to have STUFF around me!  Lots and lots of Stuff!  Magazine clippings, things that my girls have made or drawn, but mostly samples or stock.  I could almost be a hoarder and I watch that new tv programme with the fear that it could be me looking at my stash in a Warehouse one day!  For my defence I do need space for stock, papers, boards, envelopes and packaging are all needed for what we do here on a daily basis.  I get a real delight in finishing a box and throwing it out for re cycling but I get equally happy when I sign for a delivery of a few thousand envelopes.

I perhaps also should mention that I am not a neat and tidy person when I work!  I think of it as ‘Organised Chaos’ – a mess to the untrained eye but to me I know where everything is and it is usually after a good tidy and sort out that I lose things!

I love my Studio and my children love it too!  We are never without fabric, glue, wool, beads, buttons, ink or inspiration for a homework task or project.  Not only do my children love my space but my dog and cat love to snooze in here too!  My cat loves to curl up in my scrap ribbon basket, rub her head against piles of paper, or sit in my warm recently vacated chair!  Our dog is just as bad and I have recently got her a basket just for in here so she too can snooze away the day with me as we listen to Radio 2 and get on with the task of the day!


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