Absent….but not missing

I have been away, for a few weeks now, not in the physical sense, but mentally absent from my creative self.  I have rejoined the world of …..(gasp)……..adult study.  

I am finding this problematic on several levels, not least the juggling with all other crucial areas of my life, but also because apparently at some point in the last 10 years, my brain went into retirement, and is very reluctant to come out.  It is with horror that I find myself facing scenarios such as this on a daily basis….


….and after 4 or 5 hours with this crowd, my laptop, and printer, my brain literally hurts.  So what does any self-respecting, pattern-loving, hard working student do when they are up against a deadline?  Go shopping, of course!


 Not just any shopping, naturally. WHSmith, Paperchase, even Wilkinson’s manage to provide a little lift to the proceedings at my desk.  Who can resist a mini hole-punch, a mini-stapler or (joy!) flourescent page markers.  

The next few weeks are going to be a long haul, with a few thousand words to be typed and the death of a similar number of brain cells.  However, I shall now be doing it properly equipped.  And on my breaks I shall be sneaking over to the Pattern Study Course that I wish I was able to devote a similar amount of time and energy to.  I may be neglecting my studies in that area at the moment, but it will always be my first love. 






















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