It’s a colourful world out there!

I love colour!  Module one of the Surface Pattern Design E course really opened my eyes to seeing not only pattern, but also colour in everything around me.  Driving on the school run, in telly adverts and of course in my business designing wedding stationery.  The course made me feel like an A level student again.  Stopping the car to jump out and take a quick photo of some flowers or an interesting shaped piece of barbed wire.  Even though we all carry cameras and video cameras around with us in the form of our ‘smart’ phones, it felt as if I had stopped using them.  I was no longer taking pictures of things that made me happy, smile or that I simple liked.  Even the photos of my children have dwindled.  As new borns every gurgle and smile was recorded now… only the most interesting things get captured on video or get caught on camera for prosperity.

So… it was really enjoyable to start photographing things for the course!  Things that I could later sketch that could become motifs, or simply things that I liked.

Towards the end of Module one we were looking at colour and mood boards.  I love mood boards and regularly create them for my clients and we love to use them at wedding shows and events to show potential brides how our stationery can fit into their wedding.  Now, I do the mood boards the old fashioned way!  I am yet to get up to  speed with Pinterest, although my application for membership has been accepted, I think I still need my hand holding to get properly to grips with actually using it and making the most of this it.  My way is over a cup of coffee or glass of wine as I work my way through a stack of magazines, happily snipping, ripping and cutting out images that suit the look that I am working on.  These are then edited down to eventually get to the final cut where we add our stationery, doodles and scribble down our pearls of wisdom.  I love this process and the ability to create a mood, conjure up a time of year really makes me happy.  Soon I will get round to making my pattern mood boards or at least mini versions in my scrapbook but until I do, I thought I would share some photos of the ones we have at the studio.

This board was put together to show how green can really work against the soft pinks from Hydrangeas and Peonies.

We used this to show potential brides how our stationery could fit within their colourscheme or wedding vision.

Whilst the emphasis is on the purples the whole riot of summer colours is needed for this wedding.


One thought on “It’s a colourful world out there!

  1. Hello emma, how are you? I;ve lost your email address in a pc crash but happy to find you here, and that the blog is being used! I have started another, shall we link to each other? I think I should probably hand over the administrative rights to BeingEmmaBryan to you now? I did try you from your website form too? Call me….. the other Emma Bryan xxx

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