Making Something Out of Nothing!

Whilst my husband often accuses me of ‘Making Something out of Nothing’, that’s not really what I wanted to share with you today!

I love collecting things, magazines, fabric, cards, buttons, the list is endless.  Part of my problem is that I hate getting rid of things or throwing things away.  All my life I have kept these treasures, or hoarded them, as my husband prefers to say.  I keep these things as one day I have the belief that they would be useful or that I would ‘need’ them.

The day has now come – when all of these treasures have become useful. In fact, they are better than useful as they have become trendy!  That’s if you are still allowed to use that word!!

There are some amazing magazines available that are showing people the way.  Two of my absolute favourites are Molly Makes, and The Homemaker Magazine, crammed full of ideas, projects and step by step instructions.  Enough to inspire both the novice crafter and those that have been doing it for years.  Even Country Living is showing you how to make beautiful items for your home from pretty scraps and off-cuts of fabric.


I love all of these glossy publications but hate to throw them away.

At the Hattie Boo studio, there is nothing nicer or more satisfying than flicking though as stack of Wedding magazines, with a pair of good paper scissors in hand, ready to chop pretty pictures, photos or sometimes full pages that catch my eye.  I will do this by colour, style or with real determination to create a new mood board to show case a new stationery design.


Some of this must have rubbed off on my eldest daughter.  She began to collect The Beano Comic and soon had too many to keep.  Instead of their destination being the blue bin for re-cycling, she decided to cut them up ready to decoupage a very plain, white headboard for her bedroom.


The result is truly unique and she is thrilled, so much so she is now contemplating doing the same to a very large pine armchair.


A couple of coats of watered down PVA glue to seal everything…


And the result is unique!

For the budget conscious, creative bride, 2013 is all about up-cycling, collecting vintage mis-matched china and making gifts and items to dress your Wedding venue that truly make it your own, and it IS these home-spun finishing touches that will make your day special for you and memorable for your guests.

2013 is all about thought and detail rather than huge budgets and flashy purchases.

A good friend and very gifted florist has really been the inspiration for this blog.  We worked together recently at a Wedding open afternoon to dress the venue and she  brought with her the most intricate bridal bouquet, made entirely from handmade paper flowers, fabric covered buttons, knitted or crocheted wool,  old brooches, buttons and beads. This stunning bouquet was a real work of art, truly a beautiful labour of love – and yet it was made entirely from things that we would normally have thrown away.

Paper Bouquet by Living Colour Flowers Stockton Heath.


Created by the truly talented Heather from Living Colour Flowers


Living Colour Flowers


I recently fell in love with the idea of collecting the wire frames from Champagne bottles with the desire to transform them into these tiny chairs.  How fantastic would these be as table favours, with tags to guide guests to their seat.  The cost involved…absolutely nothing apart from the enjoyment of drinking fizz,  your time and a pair of sturdy pliers.  If this doesn’t appeal then simply collect corks, these can be cut to hold a place card.


Champagne chair by Hattie Boo Designs

Two thousand and thirteen has also re-newed my love of buttons!  There was a lovely lady at the Liverpool wedding show that made cards, hangings and gifts using beautiful vintage and re-cycled buttons.  With pearls in demand and popular this year, this was a treat to see a different way of using them.  This led me to looking at how buttons could be woven into weddings.  Wrapped around napkins with fine ribbon or twine, woven into your bouquet, or even used on button holes, the effect is charming.


More and more often, my brides tell they are lining doorways and paths with tea lights.  I am always happy to save jam jars for them to use, the more the better.  There is no point buying expensive jars for this when a collection of bottles in all shapes and sizes has so much more charm.  Even old spice jars or tins look pretty with spring bulbs or flower heads for an eclectic and relaxed look.



Pretty Little Trio, hires vintage tea sets, and has the most beautiful and pristine collection of vintage china to hire.  Carefully sourced by Rebecca, who has a real eye for how to use them to compliment a colour scheme or to transform a table.  If you are keen to search shops to find your own, then transform them into candles, or pop spring bulbs into them to transform them into charming table gifts for your guests.


Stationery by Hattie Boo Designs

Vintage China by Pretty Little Trio


One thought on “Making Something Out of Nothing!

  1. Whooooo I thoroughly enjoyed this and related to it so much, I had to make sure it wasn’t my own post!!
    I was exactly the same as this once…with my treasure trove of . . .ermm. . Treasures!!
    Rubbish to anyone else’s eye, but I loved my boxes of bits and bats… until we moved house and they all disappeared into thin air. (I have my suspicions ha ha)
    I Loved your champagne chairs idea and yes I also got a tad excited at the thought of using a large pickle jar to fill with displays of flowers of my choice. Such a massive cost saving and so much more interesting, to look at your own creations.
    oh no…. don’t start me off again. I can hear that bits and bats box calling me. . .eeeek

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