Here’s One We Made Earlier!

Looking back at our previous post, Making Something Out of Nothing, if you read that then you will already know that I love making stuff!

And the squirrel in me, loves nothing more than making stuff out of the stuff we would normally throw away or chuck out!

Now, some craft projects can mean a pricey trip to our local Hobby and Craft store, but the ones I love the most are the ones that truly do create something new and wonderful out of ‘nothing’.

Issue 4 of the fantastically inspiring ‘Homemaker Mag’ got my creative juices flowing.

(If you’ve not already had the fortune to flick through a copy – then please track one down as it is brilliant!)


This year’s wedding are all about up-cycling and getting a ‘home-spun’ look!

2013 is perfect for the budget conscious bride – particularly for the creative – it’s all about tapping into our inner ‘Kirsty Allsopp!”

Chatting with our brides at the studio, it is clear that this is a big trend.  Mis-matched bottles containing pretty flower heads, to compliment larger arrangements are bang on trend and add so much interest to a Wedding breakfast table.  Arrange them and dot them around the venue, next to framed photos, signing boards and larger arrangements and you have already made the day your own!


This is why I sprung into action after reading the ‘Milk Glass’ article in issue 4 of Homemaker magazine.


I try not to throw away all of those lovely bottles – in a previous life they were filled with anything from mustard to marjoram, pickle to paprika.


I am even considering pilfering a milk bottle – so hopefully our milkman won’t be reading this!


Our garage, like most garages, doesn’t really get used for housing our cars – well – not strictly true as mine does keep my trusty old Ford Anglia from getting rusty.  But around her, piled to the rafters are old paint pots some still in use – others never used and lovely Farrow & Ball test-pots!  So, armed with newspaper, paint, jars and bottles this is how we got on!





Be warned though!  This is highly addictive!




Now all I have to do is wait!  Patience has never been my strong point but I will share the finished images very soon!

The cupboard has been raided for out of date jars and bottles, the contents are now in the bin and the bottles are washing away in the dishwasher.  Test pots are lined up ready to create a new rainbow of painted milk glass!


One thought on “Here’s One We Made Earlier!

  1. Oh no….wat a very gud idea, I bet yur well excited. I’ve only just got this email Emma, my email was blocked, so I think I seriously need to saving my crafty things up again your getting me twitching

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