Nothing says Wedding like an Invitation


So he asked and you said yes!

You’ve bought the ring – something sparkly I hope, the venue is booked and dresses have been picked, so what’s left to do?

You will be in touch with all of your wedding suppliers for many months, so it is important that you feel comfortable with everyone from your florist to your photographer.

With all of your suppliers it is very important that you like their style, that you feel that they understand your vision and that you like them.

Let the experts guide you through your decision-making process and please only place an order once you are confident and trust their work.

At the Hattie Boo Studio, we do believe that choosing the right Wedding Stationery is just as important as picking out the right dress!  But with so much out there to choose from, in shops and on-line – where do you start?

The first step is to do your research!  Once you have set the date, venue and colour scheme then you are ready to start to think about your invitations.  Grab those magazines and search on-line to find out what you love and equally important – what you hate!  Visit suppliers at Hotel open days, Bridal Exhibitions or order samples off the internet as we think that stationery must be picked up and touched!  You need to know the thickness and quality of the card.

Back Camera

We love it when couples can tell us all about their day!

The detail is what makes your wedding day all about YOU!  We need to see the dress, hear about your flowers, talk about the particular shade of bridesmaid dresses – all of this tells us more about the kind of stationery that will be perfect for you.

Whilst the emphasis is on the purples the whole riot of summer colours is needed for this wedding.

As a supplier, the attention to detail is the same for each and every one of our designs.  The price differs because of the print method and paper or board that we print onto!  We ask the quantity so that we can offer you the best price and style, for example letterpress is perfect for a large wedding but the unit price increases dramatically if you are having a small intimate affair.  Wallets can be cost-effective as it means that you are buying invitations that already include RSVP cards, Information and Accommodation details, but if this is just out of your budget then an option can be a contrasting belly band or flat ribbon tie to keep all these items neat and perfect for posting.


Use the space on the Information and Accommodation cards to give your guests all the detail they need to plan for your day.  If you wish for a child free day, then make this clear to your guest, most will be thrilled to hear that they can have a guilt free night away from their little ones!  If you have arranged a special rate at your venue for guest rooms, then include this detail to make it easy for your guests to book a night away.  Recently many couples have chosen to ask guest for a donation to charity through websites such as “just giving” – this is the perfect opportunity to include all of this detail, along with gift lists or honeymoon funds!


Don’t forget that if you are posting your invitations then it is useful to take a sample to the Post Office to check if it needs to be sent as a large letter!  Bows and brooches look pretty but can bump up the price to post if you are keen to keep your costs down it is important to consider this.  The Post Office can check the weight and size of your Invitations so that once posted you can be assured that they will arrive without delay.  Many companies can print the RSVP address on the reverse in the style of a postcard or even print your address on the return envelope.

There is a range of stationery out there to suit any budget and sometimes the best deal can be had if you are ordering all of your stationery up front, you may pay a larger deposit but this also means a smaller final balance, or you can arrange to pay in installments. If you order your On the Day Stationery, eg Table plan, Menus, place cards and Order of Service, then this will guarantee you your slot with your stationer.

Stationery should be personal!

Just as your wedding should be all about you as a couple you should try to reflect your personalities, likes and dislikes.  If you are a modern minimalist couple then let your stationery complement this.  We have done Timeline Save the Date Cards showing the story from first meeting to first kiss, proposal leading right up to the wedding day itself, and we have done a similar thing for other couples through their table plan, with each table named after a specific place, personal to them, including a snapshot or snippet of information providing another romantic piece in the jigsaw that is their own true love story.


Some couples want the colour behind their wedding to be introduced to their guests in their wedding stationery.  Go for your wedding colours, or colours that compliment them.  This is a first peak into your wedding, a taster of what is to come.

If you are planning on sending a save the date then please work backwards from what you want on your wedding day and then allow them to be a subtle hint.

Your stationery should work together effortlessly from the Save the Date, right through to your On the Day Stationery.


Think carefully about your quantities.  As a rule of thumb we advise you to half your number of guests to give you an approximate number of Invitations.  For your Order of Service your budget will guide you as to whether you will provide one per couple or one per family.  Make sure that you tell your ushers what you decide as they will be paying a key role in distributing them on the day.


And finally – choosing your stationery should be enjoyable!  It should feel right and it should be that first tantalising taster of your Wedding Day.  Take your time to print off and read proofs carefully.  Use the Information cards and Rsvp’s to organise your guests and ultimately help you have a fantastic and stress free day!

Let us know if this has been useful or if we have missed anything off!

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