Wedding Trends 2013

     2013 is racing away with us at the Hattie Boo Studio and we are loving it!

It’s hard to believe that we are near the end of April and that tomorrow it’ll be May!  Fingers crossed for long, warm days and pleasant evenings!

Trend wise, things have moved on and so we felt it better late than never to share our thoughts on this years biggest wedding day trends and how they may have already influenced your styling and plans.

Emerald Green

Until I worked through the Surface Pattern Design course I was unaware that each year Pantone announces a colour of the year.

For 2013 it is Emerald 17-5641, a rich green that can be worked into all seasons and suits most skin tones.

Colours have got bolder and we are predicting a big turn towards contrasting Bridesmaids dresses, table runners, napkins or even a pocket hanky.

The Detail

By detail I really mean customised weddings, after all the devil is in the detail and it will be those tiny details that will make your day all about You!

More and more couples are working towards a truly personal wedding day.

Carefully chosen locations play a big role in this as now ceremonies can be performed in so many more locations than ever before.

From farms to large gardens, galleries to warehouses, these blank canvases allow the bride and groom to put their own twist or stamp on the day.

Planning a wedding could almost be compared to creating a brand,

a new brand for a new Mr and Mrs.

For others, the detail could mean sourcing from local suppliers, this could be from the seamstress making your dresses to the cheese you serve after the wedding breakfast.

Local farmers, artisan bakers and micro breweries could all provide the original twist you are looking for.

More and more unusual venues to choose from

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Print and Pattern

Pattern will be everywhere, from bold stripes and bright patterns through to sparkles, sequins or polka dots.

Stripes and chevrons will be the hottest trends, especially when used for your Table linen.

Use pattern for table runners, napkins or even the bridesmaid dresses themselves.  For the groom add a flash of pattern through the pocket hanky, shirt or perhaps you are brave enough to sport a bow-tie?

Go wild for fun bold graphics, delicate florals, gingham, paisley, spots, chevrons and stripes!

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Source: via Richele on Pinterest

Late Night Treats

Many wedding in 2012 had candy stations or sweetie tables.

In 2013 this trend is just getting bigger!  Not only will we see the Sweet Treats but also drink, and food stations.

One of the newest trends is to have a lounge area, away from the main bar and dance floor, where guests are encouraged to eat, drink and mingle in a more relaxed setting.

Let your Groom get involved ladies and have a pop up micro brewery or signature cocktail bar!

Serve sweet or salted popcorn and set up your photobooth here and have some table games at the ready.  This trend is all about having Fun!

This is all about extending the party.  If you can’t budget for the Day After Party then just make your day last longer!  Late night food stations are getting more exciting and there is so much choice!  Perhaps you will plan for the arrival of a gourmet food truck, an ice cream van or even a hot dog stand.

This is where the food stations really come into their own, get creative with pop corn, candyfloss, traditional fun fair snacks or even opt for a hog roast or late night barbecue!

Back to Basics

Sometimes a low-key affair is the right way to go!  Weddings don’t have to be huge extravagant affairs!

Why not base your day around a small intimate family gathering.  Less pressure and certainly less stuff!

Less is more so don’t be afraid to go back to basics, less detail, less fuss, relaxed styling or get creative with rustic elements.

Use the venue as your back drop and go for a natural look, hand-made gowns and accessories such as pocket handkerchiefs will be the centre of attention.  Upcycle and revamp clothing.

Go for a more selective, intimate and uncomplicated celebration.  Make it personal to the families at the heart of a marriage, and make it more about family values, which is kinder to the budget, purse or credit card too!

We live in a technologically advanced age and if it isn’t possible to bring everyone together then have virtual guests instead!

Share your day by broadcasting it.  Live-stream  your wedding to share it with relatives and friends around the world.


Lace is huge!  There, I’ve said it!

Lace has made a huge comeback and I love it! Lace is everywhere at the moment and there are some truly stunning dresses out there right now!

Lace has trumpeted the return of elegance.   From classic gowns with lace detail, cap sleeves or beautifully embellished necklines, to contrasting colours of lace detail creating a more vintage look.  Think about using lace in your wedding decor too, wrap it around vases, add it to invitations and trim your wedding cake!

Lace is particularly versatile right now as it can be both chic and sophisticated or rustic and vintage!

The Roaring Twenties

I couldn’t not return to this!  Last year we saw more DIY and shabby chic weddings, whilst 2013 is all about old world glamour, with hints of cinematic or literary influences.

Yes, we have Downton and The Great Gatsby to thank for this but embrace the 1920’s and all its decadent fabrics!  Look for ornate lace detail, gorgeous corsets, costume jewellery and old gold.

The dropped waist dresses are stunning yet simple.  Add a string of pearls, a cloche rather than a veil and a simple beaded headband and you’re there!

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest


Birds are often featured on wedding stationery, from love birds to doves and as a theme have grown in popularity.

This has been from the simplicity of throwing birdseed rather than confetti, to having bird cages containing flowers or used as place card holders.

Opt for nest favours with duck egg blue almonds and pretty feather charms on necklaces have been popular bridesmaid gifts.  Feathers,for me, are the new birds!


Florals will always add and enhance any romantic look!  I especially like yellow and grey right now.

Perfect for spring but can take you through the seasons.  Bouquets are key to this too.  Rather than neat, compact bouquets, they are going to get a lot bigger!

Imagine large over sized hand tied arrangements, full of bright blooms.  Go for mixed corals and hot pinks or monochromatic bouquets made up of big bunches of tulips, roses or ranunculas.

Big brash and vibrant, all tied together with ribbon or lace.

Not all flowers are floral!  There will be more succulents around this year, where the focus will be on contrasting size, shape and texture.  They add interest!

Evening Ceremonies

The law has changed and this will allow a new kind of wedding to take place!

The laws regarding when you can hold or conduct a wedding ceremony in England and Wales have been relaxed.

Prior to this Wedding Ceremonies could only take place between 8am and 6pm.  Now that this is now longer the case we are looking forward to seeing Evening Wedding ceremonies.  Imagine getting married at dusk or just before midnight under a moonlit summer sky, at the end of a party rather than the start!    Just imagine the possibilities…

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