Tie the Knot!


This is one for the Boys!

Image courtesy of NYC Wedding Photography Blog

So ladies, I’ve recently become more than a little obsessed with the joys of Pinterest!  If you haven’t yet joined or tried it, then make sure you have a spare hour or two as time flies very pleasantly!


Image courtesy of Forage Haberdashery


Image courtesy of Praise Weddings

An Idiot’s Guide to The Perfect Bow!


Just in case, here’s a quick guide to tying a proper bow tie, or if you are cunning, just wear a ready made one and swop it for a proper one later on as worn in figure 1.

Sssshhhh promise I won’t tell!

Tie The Knot!

With so many wonderful wedding trends for 2013 it’s hard to choose a favourite but what I have noticed is that grooms are getting more involved in the planning process and are getting more daring in their own accessories!

By accessories this can be anything from their buttonholes, pocket handkerchiefs, to bow ties!


From Green Wedding Shoes

pq1-1This handy guide from Martha Stewart gives you 6 simple steps to achieving a perfectly posished pocket hanky!

However, by accessories, of course I really mean Ties!  From colourful to patterned, from stripes, spots and chevrons to Bow ties, they are looking stunning Boys!

They compliment the mood, style and colour scheme of your wedding and most of all, they add the fun factor to the day!


Anne Robert Photography


From I Love SW Mag Photography by Kristyn Hogan


Image courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Get out your Grannies Sewing Box!

I’m not sure whether is it because of this passion for ties, but another incredibly romantic trend seems to have grown from this!  Ladies, if you loved The Great British Sewing Bee and are handy with a needle and thread then this could be for you!

Make a cuppa, put down your Mollie Makes Mag and grab your sewing box!


 Image courtesy of  Lifestyled.com.au


 Image courtesy of Austin Wedding Blog

Maybe I am slow to pick this one up as most of my time is spent chatting to my brides! So apologies if you have already heard about it.

This is incredibly romantic, very personal and is all about the detail.  As you know I love the detail!  Your wedding is special for you as a couple because of the detail and the thought you have put into it after all!


Image Courtesy of SPhotos-B.XX

This is all about hand stitching a personal message to your groom into the underside of his wedding day tie!  Simple when you think about it but how incredibly personal and romantic.  I don’t even think it really matters how good you are at sewing.

Think back to your primary school days when you learn running stitch and cross stitch, after all that’s all you need to be able to do!


Image courtesy of Bride To Be

You can simply stitch in the date of your wedding, your names or initials, or if you are feeling particularly brave or confident, then a favourite quotation or a secret message.

And just in case you are feeling a little left out, there’s always this for your man to do!


So go on my lovely brides to be, grab some thread and give it a go!

Practise on an old tie of your dad’s, or even embroider a special message on one of his ties – One day he’ll put it on, see it and remember you!


Image courtesy of 2.BP Blogspot

It is guaranteed to make the man you love smile!


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