Tropical Nuptials!


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I’m not quite sure as to exactly what has brought me to write this post but possibly it is this gorgeous sunshine that we are currently experiencing, yesterday was as close to a Tropical heat wave as we get really, and whilst I have work to do inside the Hattie Boo Studio it is nice to think about lazy days, sandy toes and paddling in the sea!

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However, I do have to begin this by stating categorically that if either of my girls (currently aged 12 and 9) decide in the not so distant future, to run off, elope or get married on a tropical beach without me, then there will be trouble!

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I particularly love the strong green here with a simply motif adding interest and detail to the place setting.


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Hot colours always look amazing in strong sunlight!  Avoid pastel shades as they will be too wishy-washy under the bright light of a tropical wedding and can even appear faded on a good sunny day in Blighty!  Don’t be afraid of clashing combinations and strong shapes for your flowers.  In my opinion the more contrast the better!

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There’s no such thing as over the top!

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But if you must air on the side of caution then do go for impact at least!


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And think about how everything will appear at night!  These simple sparklers make the tropical colours pop out against the dark sky!

Now, at first I was very drawn to this by the hot and bright tropical colours of the plants and flowers,  but in complete contrast to this is the lagoon blue of the pool, darker shades of teal in the sea and all of those tranquil sandy tones of the beach.  Add whites and nudes through the dress and bare feet and you have a perfect combination.  So, whether you like strong bright impact colours or the natural tones of the beach then there is something here for you!


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For a truly beach based wedding there are so many details that can be added!


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With so many signs to choose from – I love them all!


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Whether you choose a sign or to lead your guests to your ceremony with pebbles, flowers or lights, you truly can create a magical and memorable feel to your day!


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There is something obvious about the starfish with a beach themed ceremony but somehow it really does work!


It works for your chairs, seating plan and invitations.


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Image courtesy of TheExtraDetail on Etsy


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I love the simplicity of this starfish motif!


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Even for your buttonholes!

Now moving on to feet!  These have to be perfect for a beach wedding with nowhere but the sand to hide them.  So how adorable are these barefoot sandals!

Even though they may be bare you can still adorn them with detail!


I just need an excuse to buy these!


But don’t forget your guests!

These pebbles can either be given to your guests with personalised messages as favours, or why not leave them blank and ask your guests to leave you a message or some words of wisdom to help you on your way as Mr & Mrs.


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And I couldn’t resist leaving you with this amazing Sandcastle cake!


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