Adults Only Or A Family Affair

This is a topic that I feel quite strongly about!


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When I got married 18 years ago it wasn’t a problem as we didn’t have any relatives, family or friends with young children.  We didn’t even have to think about children at our wedding.

Many of the couples that I work with at Hattie Boo have this problem though!  I say – if you want to have children at your wedding then go ahead but if you don’t then the parents will be delighted to book the in-laws, out-laws or a sitter and enjoy adult company for 24 hours!  We love our children but we really do love time away when we can dress up, wear something special and finish a conversation without interruption!

Sometimes the decision is financial – if every couple you invite has two or more children then your guest list will be doubled instantly and your budget will be gone!


For some people it’s a compromise – special family members only – flower girls, nephews and bridesmaids – after all they will make super cute photos and little girls see every bride as a princess!


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If you do decide to include children then I have some gorgeous things to keep them amused that won’t spoil your table settings and won’t break the bank!



Although if you do need high chairs they tend to stick out like a sore thumb in your pictures so have a quiet word with the hotel to arrange it to be added at the very last moment if you want a gorgeous shot of your Wedding Breakfast pre-guests!


So…the decision has been made and you are having children at your wedding!  You now have another choice – to provide a favour station (so American) or place some lovely but quiet thing for the smaller guests to keep them occupied as part of the place settings.


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I love and adore all of these options and every single one could be adapted to fit into your style and colour scheme!  E-numbers not included!!!


Good luck!

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