Jam Jars

I love jam-jars, bottles, old tin cans – anything really!

I could be classed as a bit of a hoarder but I don’t care!


These are posh jam jars – or mason jars! Sturdy, old fashioned beauties that can be used for storage or decoration!



Fill them with flowers from the garden or wrap them with string or if you’re like me and can’t make up your mind then you can always mix the two together!



Tea-lights or long  burning minature church candles will ensure that the path to your wedding stays lit long into the evening! Magical and beautiful without costing the earth!


Image courtesy of heavenlybloomsblog.com

Use them to occupy those pesky children!


Fill jars with crayons and craft supplies or cut open a glow stick and mix with fine glitter to make a fairy lantern – this is sure to keep your bridemaids eyes filled with wonder!


Image courtesy of Nick Johnson


These  are some of my favourite uses to add another dimension to your wedding! Especially if you are after that quirky rustic feel that us so very on trend right now!



Paint them, fill them with flowers or hang them as lanterns! Usually I would advise the less is more route with venue styling but in this case you can never have too many!

Fill one for your guests with delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows for a bedtime drink!


On a final note – fill one with Honeymoon memories when you get back!  A really cute way to store sand, shells, cocktail umbrellas and romantic souvenirs!



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