So What is Vintage Cut?

     New for 2015 is The Vintage Cut Engagement Ring!


They are everywhere I look right now and I flipping love them!


Any cut of diamond can look vintage!


The stones in these rings are any cut really! From cushion to round, or emerald to oval! What makes them for me is the choice of precious metal and the Pave setting!erstwhile_jewelry_vintage_engagement_ring-7926

Pave settings are made up of lots of small gemstones, often diamonds, set closely together. angelina-jolie-engagement-ring-emerald-cut-diamond-engagement-rings-vintage-ken%2Bdana.original

The gems are separated and held in place by little beads of the setting metal. The result is what looks like a continuous surface of diamonds or other gems.


I love a Pave setting!


Not only are they gorgeous but I believe you get a lot more sparkle for your money!

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