You’ve said “YES!”


He or she has popped the question and you have said “YES!”


So what’s next? Did the proposal come with a ring?  If YES then I hope you love it!


If NO then what happens next?

Do you even know what kind of a ring you would love to have or the price of that dream diamond!

Does it have to be a diamond?


Not really although diamonds are traditionally used because of their durability – they are strong, won’t scratch and can definitely stand the test of  time.  This is important as this is something that you will wear every single day!

One, Two or Three Month’s Wages?

So – how much should this cost? In a recent study it was found that the average cost of an engagement ring was believed to be £1,231.

This could be translated into approximately 3 weeks pay for a man! So is this a macho thing for men?

The ring says just as much about the man’s status and salary as how style, taste and love!

Everyone sees the ring so what man doesn’t want to be outdone on size?


 Engagement Ring fashion does change and 2105 has seen a big shift in style!

If you love Diamond rings then you will adore tomorrow’s blog post!

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