The Ring!!!!


Hello Girls!

The next step in the wedding process, in my experience, is my favourite and far more important than ‘The Dress!’

It is, of course, the Ring!


Whilst the dress is very important you will only wear it for one day whilst the Engagement Ring is something that you will wear everyday for the rest of your life!  Diamonds are traditionally the stone of choice because they are tough and can withstand the daily round of washing, working and exercising!  Other stones can work too, such as the sapphire or ruby, but anything else, whilst pretty, is more likely to get chipped or scratched!solitaire-diamond-rings-for-women-5

It’s a forever purchase so YOU really do have to love it!

As a guide the cost of the ring can be anything from 3 weeks to 3 months of your man’s salary!  George Clooney has been reported to have spent £450,000 on a ring!cushion-cut-white-sapphire-engagement-ring-300x257

So, ladies, please consider this purchase carefully!  Just like everything else fashions change.  In 2015 I’ve already seen gold making a massive comeback, particularly my favourite, Rose Gold, which is everywhere on the high street.

The price of yellow gold is on the up and white gold or platinum are becoming very last year!!!

My engagement ring is yellow gold with diamonds, a very pretty ring that I chose with my husband,  but why have I spent the last 15 years admiring and wishing for a single solitaire in a platinum setting! And now, another huge shift in trend to the vintage cut ring!  How I long for a vintage cut ring in rose gold, a one off! I’m lucky enough to have been given a ring, many many years ago, that was too small to wear on my ring finger.  Now I am about to invest some serious TLC into it by giving it a make-over at my favourite jewelers!  When I collect it I will share it with you along with a few other long forgotten gemstones from the bottom of my jewellery case that I am hoping to bring into this century.

This January I have done a jewelery detox!


Don’t fall into the fashion trap or try to copy Mrs Clooney’s rock!

Find a ring that you love, that suits you, your finger, and most importantly,

Makes You Happy!

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