Diamonds Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend!


I am the first to admit that when I was 25 I knew nothing about Diamonds!  To be perfectly honest with you, I’d never even really looked at engagement rings and certainly had no idea of what I would like!

Now my tastes have changed alongside trends and fashion but my knowledge of diamonds really has improved with age!

My advice to you is to do a little bit of homework before you go looking!  Arm yourself with the lingo and work out what you do and don’t like!


Begin with the 4 Cs of Diamonds!

The various characteristics of diamonds are graded and categorized by the diamond industy and these four characteristics are considered to be the most important elements in determining a diamond’s value!

Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat!


The cut of a diamond could be argued as the most important and the most challenging.  The brilliance or shine of the diamond depends heavily on how it has been cut!


This is how flawed or flawless the diamond is!  Most diamonds do contain some inner flaws or inclusions.  How visible they are determine the diamond’s clarity.  Quite simply, the clearer and more perfect the diamond, the better!  Just remember that when Jewelers talk of inclusions they really mean flaws!


In a nut shell, the less colour the better!  Clearer, colourless diamonds are usually the most desirable as they allow the most refraction of light – or sparkle to you and me!


Nothing to do with Carrots! A carat is the unit of weight by which a diamond is measured! Ultimately because large diamonds are less common than smaller ones, the bigger the rock the higher the price!



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