Last Minute Valentine Solutions!

This post is one for both the boys and the girls so there shouldn’t be any excuses on Saturday morning when your other half is left empty handed!


Ok so as a girl I love flowers!

But my favourites are around right now and won’t break the bank!

Tulips and Daffodils are gorgeous but don’t skimp on them!  Buy at least three bunches!

And at £1 a bunch at most supermarkets daffodils aren’t going to break the bank!

So perhaps a bunch of daffodils won’t do it on their own so perhaps you will have to work just a little bit harder to stay in the good books!

It’s still not to late to order a bespoke print with a romantic poem, quote, lyrics or a saying from the first film you saw at the cinema!

Although depending on the film you may have to be quite selective especially if it was Saw, Silence of the Lambs or Reservoir Dogs! Uh!


Here are a few of my favourite things to do for Valentines day!

I love the fact that you can surprise you partner with these simple gestures throughout the day rather than in one go as you wake up!  After all it is on a Saturday this year so coffee and croissants or tea and toast in bed?  Throw a magazine in there and I am in Saturday morning heaven!

I’ll start with the things that may take the longest!  The first is the message jar!  Perhaps 52 reasons is stretching it a bit but I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to come up with 14 things that you love about him or her or 14 reasons why you love them?

Get looking in your cupboard for an almost empty jam jar and stick it in the dishwasher to get the label off, add your own label or tag and a piece of ribbon, string or twine!


Instead of dashing out for a commercial card, call me at Hattie Boo to make one for you or dare I say it, better still make your own!


Most important – buy something fizzy!  When you open the curtains if the weather is rubbish you can drink it in bed!


Grab a sharpie or a thick felt tip and an A6 card and work out how long you have been together!

There are lots of sites on the internet to help you work this out, I google ‘How many days have I been alive?’,  this takes you to loads of sites and you just add the date you met!



The tiny love letter is too cute for words, but a real keepsake! I’m going to make these for my girls!


I love the idea of the banana!  A little bit cheeky but fun and very easy to do!


If your partner loves to read then turn the pages of the book to make a heart, completely free and very romantic!

Just think how may points you are going to get for all of this!


Or try twisting a paperclip and leave her a cheeky message to find before lights out!

And if you’re lucky an early night won’t involve reading at all!


 Happy Valentines day to you!  And good luck at getting that gift just right!

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