I absolutely love doing Timelines!

  Timeline image 1

I create them for Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, for the Order of the Day and can even print one as a large framed piece to keep and display on your wall!


I particularly love making these for Save the Dates because I get to be nosy and find out all about YOU!

Kath and Chris

Yes, you two gorgeous people and how your magical love story began!

I love it when I persuade the groom to tell me how, when and where he proposed.

The nerves, the excitement and getting the timing just right!


After all – do all of your friends and family know how and when you met?  What was your first date or favourite film!  Where did the propose take place?


It’s those small details that make them so unique and interesting!

Another reason that I love them so much is that they are or can be a stand alone item!

By that I mean, apart from perhaps the font, they give nothing away about your actual wedding day and after all, if you are sending out Save the Dates, then you are at least a year even 18 months away from the wedding itself!


And a girl can change her mind!

My Timelines mean that you don’t have to have decided on your colour scheme, set the exact shade of your bridesmaid dresses in stone, or totally committed to the style or mood of the wedding!  This can all be decided later!

When and Where!

All I need to know from you is the date of the wedding and the place!  This is all your guests need to know too, but please don’t send them out to your evening guests too as this could cause confusion or upset!  A save the date tends to mean that you are invited to the day!  The ceremony, the breakfast and the celebrations after!


And finally – please make them useful!  Include accommodation or travel details on the back!

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