Timelines – What I need to know about YOU!


So – what is YOUR Timeline or Love Story?


Everyone has one after all!  Not everyone experienced love a first sight or was struck by Cupid’s Arrow!

To plot your timeline I love to hear about when and where you met!  Was it at University, an online date or during a night out?  Was it mutual attraction or did love take time to grow!

Step One


Send me an image to reflect this!  Is it a logo or a place! I’ve done everything from rugby posts to the Nandos Chicken!

pub sign

That’s perhaps the easiest bit done!  The next step was your very first Date!  Was it the cinema, coffee, a drink or a meal?  When was it?  Sometimes it’s easier to pin it down to the month and year rather than the exact day!

Step Two


Now there is no concrete rule over the number of elements for your timeline!  As I’ve said before, everyone is different and no two timelines are ever the same. But somewhere between 5 and 7 looks good to me!  Again – what can I best draw to capture this? Popcorn at the cinema or a cocktail or two!  I don’t mind, but the more mixed up the images the better!

photo 3-6

So, what’s next? This is where it can get tricky so let’s jump ahead to the wedding day itself!

The Final Step



This should be easy!  Send me a gorgeous pic of the venue – either the church or hotel – whichever you prefer!


The Penultimate Step


Now – there should be no excuses here!  When, where and how should start the ideas flowing! Was it a special place, on a picnic, on holiday or just at home!  There is no right or wrong answer to this – wherever it happened – you said YES and that’s romantic! And I always ask to see the ring!  There is usually a story behind this too!  Email me the location or the ring?  Not everyone get’s engaged to at the top of the Empire State Building but it does make a nice sketch!

So now we have successfully got four elements of your timeline together!  Images and photos can be sent and I can start sketching but we are still missing a few steps!

The Missing Steps


What other significant moments have you shared together?  Have you bought a house, a pet or had a baby or two?  Any significant live changing, memorable moments can fill in the gaps!

photo 1-6

Try to think in pictures rather than words – or photos!  Let me sketch your first home, new baby or best pet! One, two or three significant images should do the trick!  Logos or signs work well next to buildings, mix it up to tell your very own Timeline!

photo 3-1

I always like to have things come full circle!  Whilst the Timeline is a stand alone part of your day there is now reason not to expand it or to include elements at the Wedding itself.  Think about the table plan and your tables, iconic buildings work well here or landmarks and places that you have visited!  The world is your oyster or lobster!  I can draw both!

Happy planning and remember this is romantic bacause it’s all about YOU!

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