Tidy Your Room!


If you have been in my company at all over the past two weeks then you will have, I’m sure, heard me spout evangelically about a book that my daughter recommended to me!

Also, if you have known me, for even the shortest time, you will also know that I am not a tidy person!  I live my life in Orderly Chaos!  I perhaps get away with it in the studio because the mess could be described as Creative? Perhaps…but probably Not as even I feel the need, every so often, to have a clear out and tidy up!

It doesn’t last very long though, as once my space is tidy I can no longer find the things I need!  You see, orderly chaos has been my thing!  No sooner have I ‘cleared my space’ than I need to hunt to find something, so I pull files out, un-stack the stacked,  and take the lids off boxes to rummage inside.  Books and folders that were ‘neatly’ stacked high, are once again ready to topple at any moment.

Two weeks ago I had that Evangelical, lightbulb moment!

At the ripe old age of 44 (with a mental age of 25), it dawned on me that I have Never Ever been taught to tidy!  I’ve been asked to tidy, told to tidy and ordered to tidy but never ever taught!

Everything in life is Taught…which means on the flip side that Everything in life can be Learnt!

Everything is taught in life, how to make a cup of tea, scrambled eggs, how to bake a cake, to ride a bike.  Domestic skills are taught such as ironing, cleaning, how to put the washing on!  In school we are taught how to read and write.

But I’ve never ever been Taught HOW to tidy!

Until last week!  On my fifteen year old daughter’s recommendation I ordered a book from Amazon (Well she ordered it using my phone during the school run!)


The recommendation came from Zowella, (above)
An amazing and inspiring You Tuber that everyone under the age of, well me, has heard about!

The book…

Here it is!


By Marie Kondo


The book does exactly what it promises to do!  It teaches the art of tidying! And weirdly it has already changed my life!

Inside this book is all the skills and rules you need to follow to “Get your house in order”


Tidying really is teachable and I had many lightbulb moments as I rapidly read and re-read each chapter. Nodding my head as each tip was revealed until I could sit still no longer – I had to make a start!

I’ve now done my clothes, shoes, hats, scarfs and knicker drawers!  Even my tights and socks are now lined up in perfect order!  At the weekend I worked with my eldest to go through each and every item of her clothing, sorting them into two piles, keep and let go!

Previously I’ve found ‘letting go’ of things extremely difficult.  Saying good bye to the dress I wore to the first winning semi final for Warrington Wolves at Widnes, letting the shoes that went with it but can no longer be worn was easier thanks to this book!

I learnt that I could let these things go as the memories are within me, not my wardrobe!


“Keep ONLY those things that speak to your heart”

My advice is for you to think about these words as you look at your belongings – really think and consider this and your task will be easier

This is, admittedly, the first step but I will share my journey to a tidy life with you!

Next week I will share how I attacked and halved my wardrobe space, finding a home for everything!

But please please please – read this book!

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