To Send or Not to Send…


He asked and you said Yes!


That’s the easy bit done but it also means that in that split second reply you have also begun planning and organising your wedding.

Wedding etiquette still is and probably always will be a huge minefield, or imagine if you will that you are just about to begin the London Marathon or a huge army assault course!


My job is to help you and give you a nudge in the right direction every now and again.


Now whilst I have come across couples that have planned it in less it does take a minimum of sixth months planning.  At the top of your list should be the availability of the key family members and guests, and also your preferred church and or venue.  The season and time of year will have a lot to do with your style and if you are very forward planning it may coincide with the best honeymoon weather possible in favourite tropical location.  As a rule of thumb I would attempt as a woman for my day to clash any huge sporting fixtures. World Cup anyone?

I am often asked about Save the Dates!  If you are going to send them out then please read on as there are a few rules, intended to make this easier and prevent headaches further down the line!


  • Save the dates are ONLY sent to friends and family that you are planning to invite to the whole day!
  • You need to tell them the date and usually the venue will help, especially if it’s somewhere abroad or unexpected!
  • Keep them short and sweet!  A one-sided postcard is plenty
  • Send them as early as you can , at least 8 months to a year in advance – to give your guests plenty of time to arrange time off work or to book a hotel and travel arrangements
  • If you’ve not decided on your colour scheme or details, then keep the Save the Date unique and personal about you!
  • Decide if you have enough space for your single friends to bring along a plus one – let’s face it everything is easier to count in two’s
  • Make sure it is clear who is getting married and when it is! Don’t forget this in the excitement of the moment!


Now, whilst I create and sell Save the Dates, I also know that there are some amazing and creative people out there so, why don’t you, grab a camera and style your own Save the day shoot, or even better, make a movie!


Get sticky with some glue and have fun! This is the silly bit before the serious stuff starts!

You need energy and stamina to plan a wedding!  Look after yourself, stay well, drink plenty of water and don’t try to please everyone and you’ll be just fine!



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