Children at Weddings are a bit like Chocolate Fountains!


With regards to children at weddings I’m a true believer that this divides people into two camps!  Either have lots of them there, or none at all (apart from that one tiny cute niece or nephew for flower girl or page boy!)


Children cost money! You have to provide things to keep them quiet and occupied while the speeches are on!

Children can double your budget for the wedding breakfast! Sausage and chips at your venue will only be slightly less than the price of a three course adult meal!

And finally, in my humble opinion, most parents of young children would happily be rid of them for a whole 24hrs! No sticky fingers wiped on beautiful outfits or climbing all over you! Plus parents would have to buy them an outfit and sparkly shoes (more expense), book a babysitter in the hotel or go to bed early without having consumed their proper quota of champagne, wine, vodka and cocktails!

Having lots of children at a wedding to me is a bit like having a Chocolate Fountain!  I just don’t get it!

Why would you have an unlimited amount of liquid chocolate, squishy fruit and marshmallows on sticks when you (the bride) are wearing THE most expensive and exquisite outfit of your life! And it’s probably an elegant shade of white, totally unforgiving to tiny unwashed hands!  Add a gang of now hyperactive sugar fueled children to the mix, running around with liquid chocolate on sticks, and disaster is bound to happen!

However, I do love children so if you are planning to have more than a couple at your wedding then here’s my guide to how to do it!


If possible seat them all together!


Seat them all together and as far away from the top table as possible! Preferably in an adjoining room, if possible, or the table nearest the door!


Book a childminder or two to look after them, to take them outside or to the loo, or if in the same room then they can easily find their parents to do this for them!


Children love being with other children!  This is true!  They are drawn to each other and will happily forget their parents for a couple of hours when there are fish fingers, ketchup, lego and colouring books!  Children learn from other children!


Also just think how amazing this table could look!  Gorgeous mason jars filled with crayons, paper boats for place cards, sweetie bracelets, toy cars and gold dinosaurs!  What child wouldn’t want to sit at this colourful table!



Just don’t expect your single friends to want to sit there too!


I’ll explore singletons next week!


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