Single Friends

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So, I’ve chatted about the top table and discussed the virtues of children (or none at weddings) and now there’s the simple yet delicate subject of what to do with your single friends!


Your table plan and seating arrangements do need some thought as it’s not just the venue, caterers, flowers and decorations that will make your wedding a success, but the people that you invite to share your day!

The people will make your day amazing!  At a wedding you are basically bringing together two families!  This is the most important element.  But you are also bringing together two sets of friends, some of which you will have had since childhood, others since college or university.  Some friends will be shared!



Please, please, please don’t lump all the singletons together or worse still, plonk them on the childrens’ table!

Could you imagine anything worse and it would give you no chance to mingle and find ‘The One!’


Do a little match making if you really believe that there is a chance for cupid’s arrow to strike, but don’t force it!  If you want to pop your single friends into pairs – think about common interests or personalities that will compliment each other!  Common ground to chat about – pre wedding you can drop hints about the other guests, tell stories about the fun times you have shared so that on the day of your wedding these people aren’t quite strangers!


Please don’t seat someone that doesn’t know anyone else at a table of people that are already well established friends, unless you feel that they will absolutely hit it off and have tons to talk about and common ground.  It is a good idea to seat a single friend with people they already know and or partner them with another single guest.

Use the table name or centre piece to spark conversation! Tips for the bride and groom or quiz cards to see who knows them best are all great ice breakers and can encourage tables to bond.  Give your guests a reason or an easy way to make ‘small talk!’.



Your tables don’t have to be even!  It’s ok to have a table of 11 and one of 8 or 9!  Place people where you believe they will be happiest!

After a few glasses of Champagne everyone will merge on the dance floor and new friendships or relationships could be forged if you are good at playing cupid!


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