Hello 2016!

So, we are already one week into this brand new shiny year!  It’s dark and wet but I have another 358 days to get creative, design lots of new stationery for gorgeous couples, lose weight, and above all to be happy!

I am very lucky as the couples I meet on a daily basis are all very very happy!  Planning THE most perfect day of their lives!

Me, I’ll have succeeded in remaining married for 20 whole years this May!

I’m still not quite sure how I’ve managed it as I don’t have any secrets or advice to share with you!

Ok so I am going to share my resolution here!  I’ve decided to get healthy so have started a brand new diet that has only officially been launched today although I’ve been following it since Monday!  It’s the Sirt diet – and you know what… I really kind of like it!

It’s based on eating Sirtian rich foods – so I am officially Sirting!

These foods are very good for you and boost the metabolism, mine has been trashed after 30 years of fad diets, so I really do need all the help I can get!  Sirt rich foods include dark chocolate and red wine so I won’t be doing a dry January!

Along with the chocolate I can eat garlic, chilli, turmeric, ginger, kale, olives and olive oil, celery, turmeric, dates, green tea, black coffee, walnuts, parsley and rocket to name but a few!

Already I feel lighter and have stopped snacking and eating whilst cooking!  The recipes are very tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed my rare fillet steak with garlic kale, red wine sauce and parsley roasted potatoes!

It doesn’t really sound like a diet does it!

So, along with many of my beautiful brides I will be focusing on inner beauty, health from within and if I shed some weight and look younger, who’s complaining!

Message me if you are Sirting too!

Have an amazing year

Love Emma!


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