“Nothing better than Nature for Inspiration” Celia Birtwell

I love to draw flowers and sketch different things but before yesterday I hadn’t really grasped WHY I like to scribble abstract flowers so much or do detailed watercolours of hydrangea petals for example.  I love flowers and look closely at Wedding Flowers as a key starting point to designing Wedding Stationery and Invitations, not only for their colour but their form.  I did it because the flowers can give me a good idea of the type of wedding my clients want but listening to Celia Birtwell made me think again.  When my clients commission artwork I feel tremendous satisfaction when it all comes together and they are pleased with the finished product.  As Celia said in the interview “It’s very good for the ego to find that people really like what you do”.  It’s true!  When people buy my work it does make me happy!  And when I truly explore the Creative tasks on this course I will be happy beyond belief to finally be able to say that I have discovered my own Unique and Original style of pattern design.

“There is nothing better than Nature for Inspiration”, Celia Birtwell.

On our Fabulous Surface Pattern Design eCourse yesterday we were asked to look at a video.  Why haven’t I seen amazing Lady before?  Her work really has stood the test of time and has recently been available to a whole new audience through Top Shop!  That’s probably where I’ve gone wrong and missed it – My Top Shop Days are well and truly over!

Her work is Timeless and she had so many great things to say that I found myself scribbling down her wise words ready to share here! She talks of scale to add detail and interest and of how important variety is.  Different proportions can make pattern interesting.  You need to ‘mix things up a bit’, my words not hers this time. This led me to thinking of how We, (Emma and I) could eventually swop our motifs with each other or agree on 6 shared motifs from our course, (3 each), and we can then see what we do with them.  It would be interesting to see what we both come up with based on the exact same starting point!  Now I don’t think we are quite ready to take this on just yet as we are only half way through week 2 but already I feel inspired and ready to mix things up a bit to see what we end up with!

“Love British…Love Design…Love Fabric”  Celia Birtwell